Every person, him or her needs a high-quality tailored suit in their wardrobe at a certain period in time. Be it for a big business meeting, a wedding, a conference or even just to look good on a regular night out. Any garment that is bought off the rack, even at the biggest boutique stores, cannot match a bespoke custom tailored fit. A boutique/retail store only has a certain amount of inventory and styles to offer, limiting the customerís choices where as a bespoke tailor has a vast array of fabric choices, styles and cuts to offer which are created to your specifications. Bespoke tailorís offer you various options to make your garment suit and look the way you like. For example, a ready-made suit has to be bought they way it has been styled whereas in a bespoke suit, you have the freedom of selecting your inner-linings, the kind of fit you are after and whether you want the hand piping and functional or non-functional sleeve buttons.

You are able to pick the number of pockets you require, the style and cut you require and all other specifications you require to make it look the way you want. You are also able to embroider your jacket with your name or logo to complete the customization of your suit. Here at Gulati Bespoke, we will spoil you with choices and customization options that you will never be able to get off the rack, even at a high-end boutique store. You will be able to see and feel the difference at the end of a quality bespoke suit compared to an off the rack suit.

Bespoke tailoring simply gives the power of choice to the end-user as well  as
alot more involvement in the process of completing the garment. A bespoke suit is what will set you apart from the crowd; it has a very distinctive difference to even a high-end off the rack boutique suit.

Once you have a Gulati Bespoke suit, we can assure that you will never want to buy an off the rack suit again because of the ability of customization, vast availability of options and most of all our styling, cut and finish of what will be a suit that you have only imagined. Here at Gulati Bespoke we can turn your dressing ideas into reality.


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