Here at Gulati Bespoke Tailor’s, ordering bespoke garments have never been easier. Whether you are ordering personally at our store or online, Gulati’s easy steps to ordering bespoke garments don’t vary.
Here is how the ordering process generally works:

If you are ordering online

1) Please send us an email detailing what you are looking for and what you would like to order. Please include information such as color, design, style and patterns that you are after. Our team will then select a number of high-quality imported samples based on your descriptions to send to you. You can choose to have them mailed to you or have them scanned and e-mailed to you for a quicker turnaround time, please look at the “Swatches” section for more detail regarding this. You may also send us images or links to images to any certain styles you may want or any certain garments you may want to have duplicated.

2) Once you have received the mailed or e-mailed samples from us and have made your decisions, kindly write back to us confirming your order of which fabrics you have chose to produce your garments from and how many of each garment you would like to have produced. We will then send you an email detailing the price of your order including shipping to your area. You may also request extra fabric samples if you were not satisfied or did not find what you were looking for in our first selection of mailed samples.

3) Once you have made your final decisions. We will then confirm the details of the final order with you and will then discuss payment options suitable for you. Once the order has been confirmed and payment has been made and received we will then begin processing the order.

4) The first step in processing the order will be us sending you a measurement form (which is also accessible and can be filled in on our website) which you should get filled out by a professional tailor because we will not be having fittings thus a professional tailor’s measurements is our only source of getting your garments to fit right. Once filled, we will have you send the form back to us (or submit the form online through our website) and we will then start the production of your garments.

5) From here the production of the garments could take up to 3-5 days depending on the volume of the order. We will send you an email of when you can expect the order to be shipped and approximately when it may reach you. We only use trusted and efficient shipping companies such as DHL, TNT and EMS (Express Mail Service) to ship out all our client’s orders. All packages come with a tracking number, which will also be emailed to you once the package has been shipped.

6) Once the package has been shipped, it may take up to 5-10 days for the package to arrive at your doorstep depending on where you are located. On receipt of the package, please send us an email letting us know that you have received the package and please leave feedback on our service and the quality of the garments you received on our TripAdvisor page.

With 6 simple steps for ordering online, you can now access Gulati’s Bespoke garments from anywhere around the world at your convenience. At Gulati Bespoke Tailor’s we believe that “Customer is King” and until you and us are fully satisfied with our work we will not hand the garments over to you, until then it is our job to satisfy and provide you with perfect bespoke garments. If you require any more information or want to give us direct feedback please send us an email at  and we will be happy to hear from you.





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